HN Networks Course Note Samples

We pride ourselves on the quality of the course notes that we hand out on our training courses. We believe that it is extremely important that our clients leave our courses with material which will allow them to review the course content even after the course.

Based on our own knowledge of the way that we (individuals in the company) learn as well as research into the ways of learning (and forgetting), we have designed our training courses accordingly. During our courses we include regular review sessions to help our students retain the knowledge that they have learnt. We also use exercises as appropriate to reinforce the subjects being learnt and use live demonstration equipment, again to reinforce the subjects being learnt.

However, we also include substantial notes with the training material that is given to every student. In addition to acting as a course-book, it also acts as an extremely useful reference book that they can refer to after the course. This all goes towards providing a learning process which offers the optimum ways of real learning. Gone are the days of reviewing the training material some days after the course itself, only to wonder what many of the slides were even about, let alone remembering the detail.

Following is an example of the handout material. Here we have simply included one page to show the general format:

The upper area of the notes is a copy of the slide that is presented during the course.

The lower area of the notes provides a detailed description of the slide plus any additional detail that is seemed necessary.